“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” - Aristotle

Ready, Stock, Go!

You need it, we carry it so that you have it before the deadline. Early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable.  Our Sales Managers can build a Custom Stock Program for your every need.

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We have over 200,000 sq/ft of space dedicated to Machinery, Inventory, and Design.

Technology 4.o

Between state of the art Machinery and customized systems, we are constantly developing processes for efficiency and lean manufacturing.  We call this “Better than Yesterday”.

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Our greatest asset is your greatest resource with Midwest Manufacturing.  We start by listening to your needs and then follow through with results.  Also known as Integrity.

Some of manufacturing offerings are

Panel Lamination

The panel lamination process involves the assembly of HPL tops through pressure and adhesives to create laminated sheets. These sheets, are often used in cabinets, countertops or desktop surfaces; subsequently going into the making of finished goods.

Panel Processing

The panel processing refers to the use of composite panels as the base material when building furniture, doors, cabinetry, wall and ceiling panels, and other decorative items

Contoured Edge Banding

The edge-banding of curved shapes has been regarded as a difficult process in manufacturing environments.

Edge Banding

We use the Air Tec edgbanding system for its advantages: no visible glue line, simple operation, no waiting or setup costs for glue changes, reduced contamination and cleaning issues, and superior edge adherence compared to hot melt glues. It streamlines our process, delivering top-notch results efficiently.

Custom Parts

We craft custom parts tailored to your specifications with meticulous work in our state of the art manufacturing shop.

Custom Doors

We specialize in crafting custom doors for all projects, accommodating any size requirement and meticulously tailored to your specifications.


Custom cabinet boxes with many size, finish and joinery options, to choose from. Let us build you what you need.

Inventory Stocking Program

Inventory Stocking Program, ensuring your company maintains the right amount of supply to meet customers demands.